Tooth Colored Fillings Instead of Metal Ones

Tooth Colored Fillings Instead of Metal Ones

Tooth Colored Fillings Instead of Metal Ones

If you have been noticing old silver amalgam filling discoloration, it’s time to schedule an appointment with Inspired Smiles. 

While metal restorations are notorious for discoloring over time, the discoloration could be hiding additional decay.

Silver Amalgam Fillings Crack and Leak

Because metal fillings expand due to changes in temperature. With the constant contracting and expanding metal restorations will eventually crack and leak breaking under the pressure. Broken restorations allow toxins, such as mercury, to enter the bloodstream.

Tooth Colored Fillings in Richmond

Dr. Daniel and Dr. Victoria Yeager explain that tooth colored fillings eliminate contraction and expansion because they stay put. Made from dental resin, porcelain and other human grade materials, tooth colored fillings are better for you and better for your teeth.

The Advantages of Tooth Colored Fillings

There are dozens of advantages when it comes to tooth colored fillings. However, probably the biggest is tooth preservation.

 Tooth Structure Remains Strong

Because the resin is molded to the cavity, there is no need to remove healthy tooth structure. It’s just the opposite with metal fillings, as the tooth needs to be made to fit the filling. This means more removal of the healthy part of the tooth. Tooth colored fillings are the best way to preserve your teeth.

No Discoloration

As previously mentioned, metal restorations will probably discolor with time. Natural looking fillings won’t discolor, ever. This means your fillings will look the same as they did five years from now as long as you take care of them.

Matched to the Rest of the Tooth

Another huge advantage to natural looking restorations is color matching. Metal restorations will always stick out like a sore thumb. Talk to your cosmetic dentist in Richmond about tooth colored fillings if you want a natural looking smile.

Both Daniel and Victoria Yeager DDS are experts when it comes to tooth colored fillings and tooth colored restorations. If you opt for color-matched fillings, you’ll get a perfect match when you opt for tooth colored fillings in Burlington.

Tooth Colored Fillings for a Natural Looking Smile

Unless you are into bling and showing off your restored teeth, tooth colored fillings are the better option when it comes to filling cavities.

Fillings that are matched to the rest of the tooth won’t be obvious. Even if your silver fillings are in the back, they will be seen when you smile and talk.

If you are particularly animated your metal restorations are probably the only thing people see when you laugh.

Learn More about Tooth Colored Fillings in Richmond

If you have silver fillings that you want to replace or suspect a cavity or two, call and schedule a dental checkup with Inspired Smiles.

Your cosmetic dentist in Richmond has the experience and expertise to place tooth colored fillings, and best of all in most cases it only takes one dental appointment. Call for a dental appointment today.