Dental Crowns

Dental crowns fit over the top of a tooth preventing further damage. These prosthetic restorations are fixed and restore damaged teeth to their original function.
Dental crowns are used to repair badly damaged teeth and cavities that are too large for conventional tooth colored fillings. If you have teeth that are cracked, chipped, or extensively decayed, or a tooth that has been repaired with root canal therapy, Inspired Smiles may recommend a dental crown.
If you have a cavity, our dentists will also carefully remove all the decayed parts of your tooth. This may or may not include the outer part of the tooth that the dentist must remove to make room for the crown. It’s important to visit an experienced dentist when you need a crown on your tooth, because if any decay is left behind, the cavity will continue to spread after the crown is cemented in place. Eventually, this can cause pain and the procedure would need to be repeated.
Crowns for teeth are also often used to repair cracks in teeth. A crack in your tooth can cause pain when you eat or drink or when the tooth is exposed to air. Oftentimes the crack is almost invisible to the naked eye, so you may not understand where the pain is coming from. It’s important to get a crack repaired right away. Not sealing the crack leaves an avenue for bacteria to get into your tooth roots, necessitating a root canal. A dental crown will completely cover your cracked tooth, preventing bacteria or anything else from infiltrating the crack.
You may wonder how your tooth cracked, especially if you have not been involved in an accident. However, teeth can crack for all sorts of reasons. Some people are more prone to cracked teeth than others, and some teeth crack simply from chewing. If you suspect your tooth may be cracked, make an appointment right away at our Richmond dental clinic to have your tooth evaluated by our dentists.
Dental Crown
When crowns are placed, they cover the entire part of the tooth that is above your gum line. Dental crowns are custom made for every tooth and protect weak teeth. Dental crowns also restore teeth that are broken and prevent further damage to the tooth.
Made to look just like natural teeth, dental crowns are also used for dental bridges and dental implants.


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The Dental Crown Process

If you require a dental crown, Dr. Daniel Yeager or Dr. Victoria Yeager will numb the area before removing the outer part of the tooth on both the sides and the top. This allows enough space for dental crown placement.
Once the tooth is prepared a dental impression or mold is made that is sent to a high-quality dental laboratory. This process can take up to one month. During this time, your dentist in Richmond, VA will protect the tooth with a temporary dental crown.

Dental Crown Placement

When your new permanent dental crown is ready, Inspired Smiles will remove the temporary crown before temporarily placing the permanent crown checking for fit, color, and bite. Once satisfied, the new dental crown is cemented into place and polished to perfection.
Your new crown will function just like your other teeth. It will not feel any different and you won’t have any residual pain from the procedure. Taking care of a new crown on your tooth is easy — you just brush and floss it like you would your natural teeth. Your crown should serve you well and last many years.

Crowns for Teeth for Cosmetic Purposes

Before veneers became popular, people who wanted a more attractive smile got crowns, also known as caps. A major difference between getting porcelain veneers or a crown for a tooth for cosmetic purposes is that much of the natural tooth has to be removed to place a crown, whereas with veneers, only a very thin layer of the tooth needs to be removed, because veneers only cover the fronts of teeth. However, if your teeth are damaged in any way, a crown may be a better choice than veneers. A crown for a tooth is very strong because it is a larger structure than veneers. Since veneers only cover the front of teeth, they are only used for front teeth and teeth that can be seen when you smile. While crowns can be used to repair damaged front teeth, they are especially useful for molars, which do the bulk of the chewing work. To learn more about getting crowns for teeth, make an appointment today at our Richmond dental clinic.

If you would like to learn more about dental crowns, or would like to schedule a dental checkup with Inspired Smiles, call and schedule an appointment today.

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