Old Silver Amalgam Fillings May be Harmful

Old Silver Amalgam Fillings May be Harmful

Old Silver Amalgam Fillings May be Harmful

Your old fillings could be causing problems for your overall health, especially if they are cracked, broken, or leaking. Because old silver amalgam fillings contract and expand over time, cracks and chips are more common in older dental fillings. While some people are quite proud of their 10-year-old fillings, there is more to it than meets the eye.

Old Silver Amalgam Fillings Must Be Checked

old_silver_amalgam_fillingsAccording to Inspired Smiles, old fillings contain mercury, and although the FDA sees no problem with it, mercury is a toxin. The best way to avoid leaky old silver amalgam fillings is to have them checked out by your dentist in Richmond.

Firstly, silver amalgam fillings contain 50 percent of mercury and as mentioned above, contract and expand with temperature changes. Secondly, this leads to leaks, cracks, chips, and breaks. It is not uncommon to find additional cavities in filled teeth.

Dr. Daniel Yeager and Dr. Victoria Yeager recommend twice-yearly checkups to prevent cracked and leaky fillings.

Keep in mind that your old silver fillings also require more removal of the tooth’s natural structure and are much more invasive.

Biocompatible Dental Fillings

Inspired Smiles prefers to use biocompatible materials for tooth fillings. Furthermore, these types of fillings leave more of the tooth intact and blend in with the rest of your beautiful smile.

Other benefits of tooth colored fillings include:

Less time in the dental chair
Long lasting
Healthier tooth structure remains intact
Stunning to look at
No mercury

If you have not had your old silver amalgam fillings checked lately, call and schedule an appointment with Dr. Daniel Yeager or his wife Dr. Victoria Yeager. Inspired Smiles priority is healthy teeth and gums. Moreover, a healthy smile is vital for a healthy body.

Call for a comprehensive dental checkup that includes a filling check, today.