Inspired Smiles for the New Year

Inspired Smiles for the New Year

Inspired Smiles for the New Year

A New Year is here and that means a new you. Whether you are tired of the way your teeth fit together or just aren’t happy with your smile Dr. Victoria Yeager from Inspired Smiles is here to help.

Your dentist in Richmond  has the knowledge and training to help you feel better about yourself and so does her Inspired Smiles partner.

Your Bite and Your Teeth and Gums

According to Dr. Daniel Yeager the way your smile fits together could cause problems for other teeth. In other words your bite plays a huge role when it comes to healthy teeth and gums.

For example, if your TMJ is out of balance, that’s the joint that connects your upper and lower jaw, it could cause tooth wear and other issues.

The only way to determine if you have a bite problem is to schedule an appointment with your family dentist in Richmond.

The team will examine your teeth, gums and your bite. This helps them find out why you have worn down teeth or why your teeth seem to be shifting all of the time.

Inspired Smiles for an Inspiring Plan

Inspired Smiles can help you come up with a plan for a better future for you and your grin.

Once the extensive dental checkup in Richmond is concluded the doctors will discuss options after x-rays and other tools are examined.

If your bite is an issue the team will find out why, not just try and cover up the issue. Finding a solution to the underlying problem is vital.

Masking the issue with over the counter medications or other types of therapies won’t fix your bite issue.

Diagnoses and Treatment

An appointment with Inspired Smiles gets to the bottom of the issue. Once diagnosed you and your Richmond dentist will discuss available options.

For instance, if your temporomandibular joint is not working properly oral appliance therapy will probably be your best bet.

Types of oral appliance therapy include custom made mouth guards and splints. Both of these solutions work to gradually ease your jaw back into position.

Inspired Smiles is the Key

Your smile is the key to overall health. In other words, if your teeth and gums are strong and healthy the rest of you will be as well.

Because of the link between overall and oral health is so predominant preventive care, including how your teeth fit together, is vital.

Schedule a Checkup Today

If you have been having problems with your bite, or would just like to schedule a dental checkup, call or send a text message and talk to Inspired Smiles today.