Don’t Let Dental Fear Ruin Your Health

Don’t Let Dental Fear Ruin Your Health

Don’t Let Dental Fear Ruin Your Health

If you are scared to sit in the dentist’s chair, you are not alone. Recent research indicates that billions of people around the world are consumed with dental fear. So much so that they refuse to visit the dentist, even when in extreme pain.

Inspired Smiles understands how real dental fear is and offers dental sedation to alleviate those fears. Dental sedation for mild to moderate dental anxiety has helped so many people overcome dental fear and can help you as well.

Dental Fear Affects Overall and Oral Health

Ifdental_fear_dentist_Richmond you suffer from dental anxiety, your overall health is also affected. Dr. Victoria and Dr. Daniel Yeager explain that missed dental appointments result in more intensive tooth decay and gum disease treatment.

Small toothaches become large toothaches and pink gums will eventually bleed when you brush. If left untreated cavities often require root canal therapy because there is too much tooth decay.

In the same way, gum disease treatment will be more advanced as gingivitis is curable while periodontal disease is not.

What most people who suffer from dental fear don’t realize is that all of these issues could be prevented with regular dental checkups in Richmond.

How Dental Sedation Treats Dental Fear

One of the most common ways to treat dental anxiety is with Nitrous Oxide. Also called Laughing Gas, it is administered during the procedure, and leaves no lasting side effects. If you opt for Nitrous Oxide with your dentist in Richmond, you will not have to ask someone to drive you to and from the dental practice.

Another way to treat mild to moderate fear of the dental chair is with oral sedation. This mild form of dental anxiety medicine is self administered the night before or about 60 minutes prior to your dental appointment in Richmond.

Because the effects of oral sedation last for a few hours after the procedure, you will need someone to take you to and from your dentists office in Richmond. 

Don’t Let Dental Fear Make You Sick

Leaving tooth decay and gum disease to their own devices affects more than pearly whites. If you don’t have regular dental checkups with your Richmond dentist, your overall health is also at risk. All you need to do is research oral and overall health and you will realize how close the connection is.

People with periodontitis also have a higher risk of stroke and heart attack because plaque and bacteria enter the bloodstream through the gums. The more unhealthy your gums, the more apt you are to suffer from systemic disease as well.

If you have mild to moderate dental anxiety, call and schedule an appointment with Inspired Smiles. Your Richmond dentist will make sure you are comfortable and happy with the results.

Call for a dental appointment in Richmond today.