Dental Trends You Shouldn’t Follow

Dental Trends You Shouldn’t Follow

Dental Trends You Shouldn’t Follow

Dental trends come and go, with some taking it a step too far. Just look at the companies that are selling clear braces online and you will realize that some companies don’t really care about your oral or overall health.

Buying removable braces you found on a social media thread or buying those tooth whitening pens at your local dollar store may give you a spark of hope, but they really aren’t a good solution for your teeth or gums.

Over the Counter Dental Tooth Whitening Products

Tooth whitening is the most popular procedure in the Universe with everyone clamoring to have the brightest grin possible. While products are safe, some people tend to overuse creating problems for teeth and gums.

Over the counter gels and strips, rinses and pastes do whiten teeth. However, you will never see professional results. Just like anything, only your dentist is able to give you a smile 8 to 10 shades lighter.

Touchup whitening kits seem to be all the rage. Unfortunately, they often bleach the stain leaving the rest of the tooth dark and dull. If you are going to whiten your teeth, spend a few more dollars and have it done professionally. It really does pay in the long run, especially if you damage your teeth.

Mail Order Removable Dental Braces

Right up there with cheap tooth whitening is mail order aligners. These dental braces are easy to buy but are seriously problematic for teeth.

A picture is all that is needed to order, “Custom,” made braces for your teeth. Sadly, there is no dentist who is able to monitor your prescription or take you through the rest of your treatment. It really is all up to you.

According to Dr. Victoria Yeager, putting unprescribed aligners into your mouth for 22 hours is inviting disaster. Yes, they will move your teeth, but what direction they will go in depends entirely on your pictures. If the pictures you sent were off kilter in any way, your smile will be too.

Virtual Smile Consultation

With the Virtual Smile Consultation tool from Inspired Smiles, you won’t have to leave home or your office. It’s easy to get a smile recommendation when you upload a picture of yourself and answer a few easy questions.

A Virtual Smile consultation takes the guesswork out of your new grin.

Professional Dental Services in Richmond

From Virtual Smile Consultations to clear braces placement you can’t go wrong with Dr. Daniel Yeager and Dr. Victoria Yeager. Call and schedule a no obligation smile consultation or try on the free Virtual Smile Consultation.