Dental Implants the Perfect Replacement

Dental Implants the Perfect Replacement

Dental Implants the Perfect Replacement

Missing teeth don’t have to be missing. Even if your teeth have been gone for years you can still replace them with dental implants. As the strongest replacement for natural teeth, implants act as real tooth roots.

What are Dental Implants?

If you are a fan of this dental blog you will have learned that dental implants are posts or screws that your dentist in Richmond surgically places on or in your jawbone.

The posts are the foundation for beautiful natural looking teeth that mimic the smile you had before you lost your teeth.

Not Like They Used to Be

Dental implants have certainly changed over the years. If you go back far enough, you will see that the Ancient Romans used animal teeth to replace missing teeth.

As awful as that sounds in some cases it actually worked, for a while anyway. It worked until the body refused the transplant.

The Ancient Greeks often used seashells to replace missing teeth while other civilizations implanted drift wood and even human teeth into the sockets.

Thankfully modern dentistry doesn’t include animal or human teeth, drift wood or seashells. These days tooth replacements are manufactured from biodegradable materials that are safe for the mouth and the body.

Bone Grafting Solutions

Dr. Victoria Yeager and Dr. Daniel Yeager strive to provide everyone with dental implants. Even those that have been told implants would never be possible.

Because of bone loss some aren’t good candidates for missing teeth because they have lost too much bone to hold the implant.

Bone grafting is a great solution that allows everyone to live a comfortable life with dental implants.

People who have lost teeth in the upper part of the mouth often require bone grafting because there isn’t a lot of bone there to begin with.

Dental Implant Consultation

The only way to know if you are a good candidate for dental implants is to schedule an appointment. An implant consultation in Richmond will give you a good idea of where you need to proceed when it comes to your smile and your missing teeth.

Of course, if implants are not a good solution, talk to Dr. Daniel Yeager or Dr. Victoria Yeager about implant supported dentures or dental bridges. Any solution is a good solution when it comes to missing teeth.

Because your jaw shrinks when you lose your teeth you being to look older than you are. Implants give you your life back. You will look and feel ten years older.

Inspired Smiles Dental Implants

For more information regarding dental implants schedule an appointment with Inspired Smiles today.