Dental Checkups for People with Dental Fear

Dental Checkups for People with Dental Fear

Dental Checkups for People with Dental Fear

For the best in dentistry you won’t find a better practice than Inspired Smiles. Dr. Daniel Yeager and Dr. Victoria Yeager believe in inspiring people just like you to live a life full of healthy teeth and gums with regular dental checkups.

With that being said it is important that you schedule regular dental checkups in Richmond.

Dental Checkups are Important

Regular dental checkups and professional cleanings set the stage for healthy teeth and gums. However, if you are one of those people who suffers from extreme phobia it isn’t that easy to get yourself to the dentist’s office in Richmond.

People with dental fear will often go so long between visits that it only makes things worse.

For example, if you are one of those people with dental anxiety and you haven’t been to a dentist in Richmond for some time that dull ach you have felt off and on in the back of your mouth could turn into a full blow need for a root canal.

You see, leaving small cavities to fend for themselves doesn’t work. Small cavities will always become larger ones. In addition if you suffer from gum disease it will get worse as well.

Stop Dental Anxiety

People with dental anxiety have had great success with Inspired Smiles. Becoming patients of Dr. Victoria Yeager and Dr. Daniel Yeager have helped them overcome dental fear because they both have the most amazing chairside manner.

Of course, if you, like others with anxiety, need some help with your dental fear, talk to your Richmond dentist about mild sedatives to get you through your appointment.

Patients like you have had great success thanks to oral sedatives taken the night or about an hour before dental checkups. This makes the entire process a breeze.

Dental Checkups in Richmond

During appointment your dentist in Richmond will thoroughly examine your teeth, gums and your chewing system.

The chewing system is important because it tells the doctors if your jaw joints are in the correct position.

It also tells Inspired Smiles if you are suffering from a cross, under or over bite. Any of these issues will cause bite problems and will need to be addressed if you are having any type of restorative work done.

Bad bites and joints that are out of alignment will cause unnecessary wear on teeth. Teeth are as strong as your bones so you can only imagine what chronic grinding will do to restorations.

Nip your dental fear in the bud and schedule dental checkups with Inspired Smiles today.