Custom Made Mouthguards Important for Everyone

Custom Made Mouthguards Important for Everyone

Custom Made Mouthguards Important for Everyone

It’s that time of the year when everyone is enjoying the great outdoors and a friendly game of whatever.

Whether it’s picking up a baseball bat for a friendly game on Sunday or getting the kids ready for Little League, a custom made mouthguard is an essential part of the picture.

Every April your dentist in Richmond reminds people to gear up for sports with accessories that are just as important as the playing field.

National Facial Protection Awareness

April is National Facial Protection Awareness month. This is the time to check your equipment adding anything else that you deem essential.

If you aren’t including a custom made mouthguard into the picture you aren’t deeming all that is necessary. Wearing a mouthguard is just as important as wearing a helmet.

Dr. Victoria and Dr. Daniel Yeager can’t stress the importance of a custom made mouthguard for everyone that plays sports in your household.

Why Players Should Prepare

When it comes to mouth protection statistics show that the majority of mouth accidents may not have been so serious had the player worn a mouth protector. In other words, custom made mouthguards save teeth and prevent a lot of injuries.

All Sports to Consider

While the list is long and vast when it comes to the sports that should demand mouth protection only the contact sports require them.

For example, surfers and mountain bike riders should protect themselves with a mouth protector but are not required or even advised to do so.

People who participate in gymnastics, racquet sports, water polo, field hockey, martial arts or equestrian activities should all schedule dental appointments for custom made mouthguards.

If you are unsure about the sport that you participate talk to Dr. Victoria Yeager or Dr. Daniel Yeager from Inspired Smiles.

Types of Mouthguards

Although there are two other types of mouth protection available neither are as good as the ones that are custom made by your Richmond dentist.

Standard and boil and bite mouth protectors, available from the sporting goods store or local pharmacy are both better than nothing at all, but they are certainly not comparable to custom made mouthguards.

Custom Made Mouthguards

Inspired Smiles is dedicated to oral health. Oral health includes custom made mouthguards.

You and your family should all schedule appointments for every sport you participate in. If you do you will save time and money in the long run. You will also save yourself an unnecessary trip to the emergency room because of a blow to the head.

Call Inspired Smiles and get ready for warmer weather with custom made mouthguards for the entire family.

Send a direct message and schedule appointments today.