A Local Dentist for Compassionate Care

A Local Dentist for Compassionate Care

A Local Dentist for Compassionate Care

Inspiring smiles are easy when you become a patient of Inspired Smiles. Your local dentist is just a phone call away when it comes to all things dental.

Whether you are contemplating a mouth makeover or have a dull ache at the back of your mouth, the doctors in Richmond are ready and able to help.

You’ll love the results of your new smile when you become part of the Inspired Smiles Family. Best of all, you won’t feel pressured with more than you want or need when it comes to restorative and cosmetic dentistry with your local dentist.

Dr. Victoria Yeager and Dr. Daniel Yeager both strive to become the best dental professionals they can be. That means enrolling in additional training for restorative and cosmetic dentistry.

Preventive Dental Care

When a dentist says that they practice preventive care it usually means they schedule dental appointments and offer products and services that ward off tooth decay and gum disease. Of course, they are all vital. However, preventive care also means regular inspection of your dental restorations.

If you follow the Inspired Smiles Blog you will recall that dental restorations won’t last as long as you think they will. In fact, old silver amalgam fillings can actually be hiding the nasty truth. That truth is additional decay in the previously restored tooth.

Old fillings that are hiding something are usually leaking something as well. Old silver amalgam fillings contain mercury, which is toxic. If the filling is leaking chances are the mercury is getting into your bloodstream.

Dental Checkups for Preventive Dental Care

It’s important to schedule regular dental checkups with your local dentist. When you do you are practicing preventive dental care and well on your way to a healthy mouth for the rest of your life.

Dr. Daniel Yeager and Dr. Victoria Yeager understand the risks of gum disease and the connection to other health problems including stroke and heart attack. Some studies are actually finding a link between periodontitis and Alzheimer’s disease as well.

The evidence can’t be denied when it comes to the overall and oral health connection. Regular dental checkups including comprehensive dental exams help keep you in check when it comes to overall and oral health.

Your Local Dentist Cares

If you are looking for a dentist that cares about the community and the people who live in it, call or send a direct message and schedule an appointment with Inspired Smiles.

You will be joining the hundreds of other patients who wouldn’t go anywhere else for a local dentist. Call or send a text today.